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"In the end, believe what you want."

The Order of Yeza is an organization that accepts all forms of religion.  We embrace all spirituality, and strive to understand it as much as possible.  There are many schools of thought in the world, each teaching different ideas and different methods of spiritual practice.  We feel that many religions talk about the same things, but use different wording in how these forces are explained.  We also believe that with this approach to spiritual practices, there are many methods for how to approach it.  One person may find worshiping a god is they're method for relating to the spiritual.  Some people may find worshiping themselves to be their approach to spirituality.

In the end, there is no right or wrong way to be a spiritual person.  A person can embrace one path as their path to spirituality, while another person may take from many religions in their paradigm.  In the end, believe what you want.

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